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The Heart Behind the Badge

Ron Shipp, Author of
'The Heart Behind the Badge'

Meet The Author

Ron Shipp was born in 1952 and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He developed a passion for playing football at the age of nine that continued throughout his school years. With the influence of his football hero, OJ Simpson, he walked on to the University of Southern California’s football team in 1972.  After injuring his hamstring, he left USC to follow in the footsteps of his dad and two uncles by joining the Los Angeles Police Department in 1974.

During his 15 years on the police department, he moonlighted as a technical advisor and actor on several cop television shows. In 1989, he left the LAPD to start a security business and further his acting career.

Ron is married to his high school sweetheart, Nina, and resides in southern California.

When it comes to the death of a close friend (Nicole Brown Simpson), and it also involves your close friend (OJ Simpson), do you choose the law of the truth or lie for a friend……
This is my story.

The Heart Behind the Badge by Ron Shipp

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The Heart Behind the Badge is a memoir telling my personal relationship with OJ Simpson, my career as a Los Angeles Police Officer, and testifying for the prosecution against my once hero and friend in the “Trial of the Century,” The People of the State of California vs. OJ Simpson.

Ron Shipp

What people say about The Heart Behind the Badge



Great job Ron!!
Great read and provides additional insights in the case. Hate that Ron got toasted by that vermin Carl Douglas – what a shameful display.


By Carie Bernstein
Very good!!


An honest and eye opening read
By Amazon Customer
If you are someone who likes to feel like connected with the author and step in their shoes then you will love this book. Although the content may not be the happiest, Ron does a beautiful job taking you through the triumphs and trials of his life. You can really see the vulnerability in his stories and by the end of the book you just want to give the guy a big hug.


By Amazon Customer
I really enjoyed reading “The Heart Behind the Badge” a passionate and heartwarming book and recollection of a police officer’s career and the stress that is part of the job. The author shares his relationship with O.J. Simpson and his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and why he feels O.J. murdered his wife. It is an inspirational book about keeping one’s faith and remaining focused on prayer during difficult times.


Informative book
By John Selby
Good information regarding OJ Simpson trial.


By Marie A.
Great read for anyone interested in a behind the scenes look at the LAPD as well as the criminal case against OJ Simpson from a different vantage point. Author Ron Shipp speaks honestly and forthrightly about his life and experiences as a police officer for LAPD as well as his friendship with OJ and Nicole Simpson. There is a great deal of self-reflection throughout the story, offering the reader a soul searching glimpse into the occupational side effects of being a cop, and perhaps, the even greater side effects of being a friend of OJ Simpson. I enjoyed the book very much.


A true believer in Jesus Christ
By Enrique L.
I liked the detail in describing the people with whom Ron met and associated. It was well written and easy to follow from beginning to end, especially, witnessing Ron’s struggles in his growth in Christ. I’m sharing this book with my police friends.


Five Stars
By Alexandra B. Reeves
Great man, Ron Ship, great book!


By Jo D. Kelly
I enjoyed your book. Hope it does well love you. Did not know you went through such a hard time


By Cathy Pedegoon
Written by someone I know who testified at the O.J. Simpson murder trial.


You see a man battling conflict head on and trying to do what’s best at various points in the road
By Oscar Wilde
After watching ESPN’s “OJ: Made in America” 30 for 30 special, I became very intrigued by some of the characters involved. Ron Shipp struck me as a interesting character caught in a difficult predicament that I wanted to learn more about.
The primary undercurrent in this riveting autobiography is Shipp’s relationship with God and his various struggles at points in time, teetering between non-devout and a full-fledged believer in Jesus as his Savior. From his dashed USC football dreams to fighting some personal demons during his LAPD tenure, Shipp highlights religion as a pivotal factor at many decision points in his life.
Some of the most interesting parts of the book are Shipp’s LAPD stories. Beyond my interest as an LA area resident intrigued by Shipp’s descriptions of his experiences in various parts of the city and the inner workings/culture of the LAPD, there are simply some really interesting tidbits that provide insight into police officer life and the emotional toll it can take.
As a reader, there are certainly times where you sympathize with Shipp while at other times you question some of his decision making. Ultimately, you see a man battling conflict head on and trying to do what’s best at various points in the road, especially when deciding to testify against OJ.
While Shipp packs plenty of detail from his humble beginnings in south LA to a life with constant reminders of the OJ trial, there’s still the potential for a few of the chapters to be fleshed out a little more, especially when it comes to the OJ trial. Nonetheless, it’s a fine autobiography of a very interesting life.


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